Kannauj district is famous for essence, flavor, fragrance and perfume industry although the bidi industry is also here and it is supposed that this district is the largest bidi supplier in Uttar Pradesh. The essence flavor and fragrance of Kannauj district are famous internationally.

Fragrance & flavor Development Centre ( FFDC) has been setup in year 1991 by Govt. Of India, with the assistance of UNDP/UNIDO and Govt. Of U.P. UNDP/UNIDO is providing technical expertise and imported equipments.Govt of U.P. is providing land building and infrastructure, while Govt. Of India is contributing for the recurring, non-recurring and indigenous equipments.

FFDC aims to serve as an interface between essential oil, fragrance and flavor industry and the R & D institutions both in the field of agro-technology and chemical technology. Main objective of the centre is to serve, sustain and upgrade the status of farmers and industry engaged in the aromatic cultivation and its processing, so as to make them competitive both in local & global market