Download Software
1- Download Adobe Reader
2- WinRar
3- Unicode/Mangal Font Software Readme
4- Digital Signature Device Driver and installation instruction       
1. Moserbaer Crypto Token Windows Driver Download [.zip format] (for all Windows - 32/64 bit OS)(11)

2. Moserbaer & StarKey 400 Driver for CUT MW Download [.zip format] (for all Windows - 32/64 bit OS)(12)
5- Installation Mannual for SQL-Server 2000
6- Installation Mannual for SQL-Server 2005
7- Installation Mannual for SQL-Server 2008
8- Download .NetFramework 3.1

User Mannaul for Digital Signature

Installing capicom.dll


User Mannaul for Installation of Bhulekh Software

Software Setup Hindifonts Manual Pdf Creator WinZip155


Officer And Lokvani centre POWERPOINT PRESENTATION file

SSDG E-GOV Digital Signature Lokvani centre training material


Village Name of Kannauj